Zodiac Ray

Kuat Systems Engineering FALC-15G          CL 11
Colossal* Space Transport

Ref 14 Fort +30; +12 Armor
HP:150 DR:15 SR:45 Threshold:80
Speed: 12/4
Ranged:Quad laser cannon, 
Laser Cannon, Fire-linked,
Quad Laser cannon
Ion Cannon,
Concussion Missiles, light,
Docking Gun 
Fighting Space: 12x12/1
Base Atk: +0 Grp +40
Atk Options: Autofire(Laser cannons, Dock gun)
Abilites: STR:50 DEX:14 INT:16
Crew:4; Passangers:9
Cargo:5 tons Consumables:1 month Carried Craft: None
Payload: 6 Concussion Missiles
Hyperdrive: x2 backup x10; navicomputer
Avialabiltiy: Military    Cost:Not for sale
*This ship is treated as a Gargantuan starfighter for the purposes of 
being targetted by capital ship weapons, dogfighting, and using starship maneuvers.

2 Docking Clamps, Hypertransceiver, Droid Jammer, Combat Thrusters

Docking Gun (Heavy Repeating Blaster) (Co-pilot)
Atk:   Dam: 3d10

Laser Cannon, Fire-linked (Pilot)
Atk:   Dam: 5d10x2

Quad Laser Cannon (Gunner)
Atk:   Dam: 6d10x2

Ion Cannon (Gunner)
Atk:   Dam: 3d10x2 ion

Concussion Missile Launcher, Light (Co-pilot)
Atk:   Dam: 7d10x2  (Splash 4)

Zodiac Ray

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